SM24A-MOD | Damper Actuator | Modulating | communicative | hybrid | AC/DC 24V | 20 Nm | Belimo
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Brand: BelimoSKU: SM24A-MOD
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SM24A-MOD | Damper Actuator | Modulating | communicative | hybrid | AC/DC 24V | 20 Nm | Belimo

Belimo | SM24A-MOD
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Details for SM24A-MOD

Damper Actuator | Modulating | communicative | hybrid | AC/DC 24V | 20 Nm

Damper Actuator, Modulating, communicative, hybrid, AC/DC 24 V, 20 Nm

Mode of operation

The actuator is fitted with an integrated interface for BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU and MP-Bus. It receives the digital positioning signal from the control system and returns the current status.

Converter for sensors

Connection option for a sensor (passive, active or with switching contact). In this way, the analogue sensor signal can be easily digitised and transferred to the bus systems : BACnet, Modbus or MP-Bus.

Parametrisable actuators

The factory settings cover the most common applications. Single parameters can be modified with the Belimo Service Tools MFT-P or ZTH EU. The communication parameters of the bus systems (address, baud rate etc.) are set with the ZTH EU. Pressing the “Address” button on the actuator while connecting the supply voltage, resets the communication parameters to the factory setting. Quick addressing: The BACnet and Modbus address can alternatively be set using the buttons on the actuator and selecting 1...16. The value selected is added to the «Basic address» parameter and results in the effective BACnet and Modbus address.

Combination analogue - communicative (hybrid mode)

With conventional control by means of an analogue positioning signal, BACnet or Modbus can be used for the communicative position feedback

Simple direct mounting

Simple direct mounting on the damper shaft with a universal shaft clamp, supplied with an anti-rotation device to prevent the actuator from rotating.

Manual override

Manual override with push-button possible (the gear is disengaged for as long as the button is pressed or remains locked).

Adjustable angle of rotation

Adjustable angle of rotation with mechanical end stops.

High functional reliability

The actuator is overload protected, requires no limit switches and automatically stops when the end stop is reached.


Actuator Type
Non fail-safe
Angle of Rotation
Control Type
  • BACnet MS/TP
  • Modbus RTU
  • MP-Bus
  • DC 2...10 V
  • DC 0.5...10 V
  • Hybrid (communicative/analog)
Degree of Protection
Electrical Connection
Manual Override
With push-button can be locked
Mechanical Interface
Universal shaft clamp reversible 10...20 mm
Power Consumption (Holding)
1.4 W
Power Consumption (Running)
3.5 W
Running Time (Motor)
150 s / 90B0
Running Time range (Motor)
86...346 s
180 in-lb [20 Nm]
Voltage AC/DC
AC/DC 24 V


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