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Achieve more precise control with the simplicity and sealing features of Bellimo and Everflow ball valves. With our wide selection, you'll find what you need to control the flow of liquids.
View Details 4534 | 3/4" Gas Ball Valve FIP X FIP | Everflow
$6.22 each
View Details 807P034-NL | 3/4" PEX Drop Ear Ball Valve with Drain Lead Free | Everflow
$11.96 each
View Details FSBL-001-NL | 1" F1960 PEX X 1" SWT Ball Valve Lead Free | Everflow
$14.57 each
View Details 825P012-NL | 1/2" F1807 PEX Ball Valve with Drain Lead Free | Everflow
$8.26 each
View Details 320T114-NL | 1-1/4" PRESS X FIP Brass Ball Valve Lead Free | Everflow
$49.99 each
View Details STEX2-NL | Ball Valve Stem Extension 3/4" X 1" Lead Free | Everflow
$10.72 each
View Details Belimo B325+LF24 US CCV | 1" | 3 Way | 30 Cv | w/ Spg Rtn | 24V | On/Off Pack of 1 | Midwest Supply
$391.95 each

More About Control Ball Valves

A ball valve is a shut-off valve that controls the flow of liquid or gas by turning a rotary ball 90 degrees around its access. Even when not in use, these valves provide reliable sealing throughout their lifetime.

Ball valves have different functionalities; the ball, CCV ball, globe, and pressure-independent valves control airflow in an HVAC system, while the butterfly valve controls the flow of liquids in a waste treatment system.

People often use ball valves because they are economical, or globe valves if they need a better flow. A CCV ball valve is a newer option that fits between the two standard products that control airflow in HVAC systems.

Different Types of Ball Valves We Stock

Belimo and Everflow are our sole suppliers of control ball valves, ensuring our customers receive the finest quality products on the market. We offer: 

  • Ball Valves: The low cost, durability, and excellent closing performance make them a popular choice in many industries.
  • CCVs: Characterized Control Valves combine the close-off capabilities of a ball valve with a patented disc to ensure an equal flow percentage that achieves superior light load flow control.
  • CCVs - Pressure Independent: A pressure-independent control valve is a device composed of an automatic flow rate regulator and a control valve with an actuator. This device maintains a constant flow rate even when the differential pressure of the circuit in which it is installed changes.

Ball Valve Specifications

These products vary in size from 0.5" to 6" inches and come with options for 2, 3, and 6-way ball valves for liquids and gases to flow. Additionally, all our ball valves have at least a NEMA 4.  Whether you're doing a repair, renovation, or construction project, Midwest Supply is here to help.

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