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Discover the perfect solution for your plumbing needs with Flextron's top-of-the-line boiler expansion tank supply. Available in Hydronic and Thermal types, our bestsellers FTH60, FTH30, and FTH15 are must-haves for any home or business. Shop now to experience superior quality at unbeatable prices!
View Details FTH60 | 6.3 GAL Hydronic Expansion Tank | Everflow
$61.43 each
View Details FTH30 | 4.8 GAL Hydronic Expansion Tank | Everflow
$43.28 each
View Details FTH15 | 2.1 GAL Hydronic Expansion Tank | Everflow
$31.33 each
View Details E-FTH90S | 13.2 Gal Economy Hydronic Expansion Tank With Stand | Everflow
$145.31 each
View Details E-FTH60 | 6.3 Gal E-Series Hydronic Expansion Tank | Everflow
$61.43 each
View Details E-FTH30 | 4.8 Gal Economy Hydronic Expansion Tank | Everflow
$43.28 each
View Details E-FTH15 | 2.1 Gal E-Series Hydronic Expansion Tank | Everflow
$31.33 each
View Details FTT5 | 2.1 GAL Thermal Expansion tank NSF Approved | Everflow
$36.32 each
View Details FTT18 | 6.3 GAL Thermal Expansion Tank NSF approved | Everflow
$76.13 each
View Details FTT12 | 4.8 GAL Thermal Expansion tank NSF Approved | Everflow
$51.21 each

More About Boiler Expansion Tank Supply

Why Are Boiler Expansion Tanks Important for Heating Systems?

Boiler expansion tanks play a vital role in keeping the water pressure within a boiler regulated, thereby preventing damage from occurring due to pressure changes. Without an expansion tank, sudden increases or decreases in water pressure could lead to problems such as malfunctioning or even bursting of pipes within the boiler system. By using an expansion tank as part of your boiler system, you can protect your equipment and keep it running smoothly over time.

Hydronic vs Thermal Expansion Tank: What's the Difference?

Hydronic and thermal expansion tanks are the two main types used for boiler systems. Although their purpose is the same – regulating water pressure – they differ in terms of material construction and size. A hydronic expansion tank is typically made from stainless or carbon steel and is sized from 6L (liters) to 50L depending on the size requirements of your boiler system. They prevent excess pressure from appearing in hydronic heating systems. On the other hand, a thermal expansion tank features a non-metallic bladder that helps absorb sudden changes in temperature and pressure within a heating system resulting from boiling hot water. These types of tanks usually range in size from 12L up to 3000L and are most often used with large commercial applications but can also be found in residential buildings as well.

What Are Our Best-Selling Flextron\Everflow Expansion Tanks?

At Midwest Supply Store we stock various boiler expansion tanks, and our bestsellers are the FTH60, FTH30, and FTH15 models. These carbon steel expansion tanks are well-suited for residential and commercial heating systems alike. All three sizes come with carbon steel connection as well as easy installation options so you’ll always have what you need when it comes time to replace an aging component or install new equipment altogether. You can trust these products perform safely during operation while offering value-for-money performance that won’t let you down over time!

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