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You need a quality room sensor from Midwest Supply to regulate the humidity and temperature in your building. We have the best manufactured by the world’s leading brands.
View Details BA/10K-2-LPW-25 | Button Sensor - Low Profile Room Temperature Sensor | BAPI
$16.54 each
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22DTH-53M | Duct Temp+Hum Sensor A | Belimo
Brand: Belimo
SKU: 22DTH-53M
$190.35 each
View Details BAPI BA/T1K[0 TO 100F]-B4SX-X-Z-CG BAPI-Stat 4 Room Temperature Transmitter without Display  | Midwest Supply Us
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View Details BA/FOAMBACK-ROOM-100 | Foamback Insulators (for Room Sensors) | BAPI
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$53.46 each
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$34.97 each

Heat is measured by temperature, while the amount of water vapor in the air measures humidity. The temperature of the air is governed by solar radiation, so higher solar energy equals hotter air. High temperatures coupled with high humidity can make building occupants feel uncomfortable.

Thanks to Midwest Supply, you can monitor both to ensure your HVAC system produces a pleasant, temperature-controlled environment. We stock the following brands; ACI, Dwyer, Mamac, Siemens, Veris, Belimo, and Senva.

The Importance of Indoor Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Among the apparent uses of temperature monitoring and control are storing food safely and controlling heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. In addition, there are some more industry-specific ones, such as measuring soil temperature to maximize crop yields or maintaining a safe range for storing drugs.

A humidity sensor is a must-have in commercial production facilities, such as factories, warehouses, and manufacturing environments. Among the value-added uses of humidity sensors are cold storage management, comfort optimization, asset condition tracking, and remote monitoring.

Humidity sensors are used to improve temperature monitoring functionality to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption. They ensure proper conditions for valuable assets in places like art galleries and museums.

Our Best-Selling Sensors

The Veris AG01E and the GWNVXX Gas Control sensors are our top 2 best-selling products in this category. They are used for monitoring CO2 levels in a room and can be used in conjunction with any ventilation control system.

Third on our list of most popular items is the impressive TEC00 temperature sensor, which has a low profile, discreet design, unmatched precision, and clever engineering.

Do you need help choosing the proper control sensor for your next project? If you have questions about sensors, contact our team today.

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