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Browse our outstanding range of duct humidity sensors, featuring popular sensor types such as CO2, Temp, and Humidity sensors. These advanced sensors offer precise humidity measurement, fast response times, and excellent stability, making them the perfect choice for maintaining optimal humidity levels in various settings.
View Details Nortec Humidity 2585376 RH2+DuctQdv,10#/hr 120/240/1PH  | Midwest Supply Us
$1,420.15 each
View Details Nortec Humidity 2598427 AIR PROVING SWITCH SP DUCT MTD  | Midwest Supply Us
$171.40 each
View Details Kele Product HO30K-T24 TEMP & HUMIDITY SENSOR  | Midwest Supply Us
HO30K-T24 | TEMP & HUMIDITY SENSOR | Kele Product
Brand: Kele Product
SKU: HO30K-T24
$283.96 each
View Details BAPI BA/T1K[32 TO 212F]-H200-D-BB Duct Humidity (%RH) Sensor with Temperature Transmitter  | Midwest Supply Us
$152.69 each

An HVAC humidity sensor is a vital component in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, responsible for monitoring and controlling humidity levels within a space. This ensures a comfortable environment and helps prevent issues such as mold growth or poor air quality. A duct mounted humidity sensor, specifically, measures the humidity of the air flowing through the HVAC ductwork, providing efficient and accurate humidity control.

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