Damper Actuators

Our comprehensive range of Belim damper actuators ensures indoor climate maintenance is comfortable and safe, enhancing occupant productivity. Look no further for maximum efficiency and high performance.
View Details ZS-T | Terminal strip cover (NEMA 2) for -T models. | Belimo
$14.85 each
View Details IND-AFB | AF/NF position indicator. | Belimo
$8.10 each
View Details Z-SMA | Classic AM/SM to AMB(X) retrofit bracket. | Belimo
$12.15 each
View Details ZS-300-C3 | 1" shaft adaptor for ZS-300(-5). | Belimo
$308.25 each
View Details ZS-300-C2 | 3/4" shaft adaptor for ZS-300(-5). | Belimo
$211.50 each
View Details ZS-300-C1 | 1/2" shaft adaptor | standard wtih ZS-300(-5). | Belimo
$211.05 each
View Details ZS-300-5 | NEMA 4X | 316L stainless steel enclosure. | Belimo
$1,676.70 each
View Details ZS-300 | NEMA 4X | 304 stainless steel enclosure. | Belimo
$1,386.00 each
View Details ZS-260 | Explosion proof housing. | Belimo
$1,680.75 each
View Details ZS-101 | Base plate for ZS-100. | Belimo
ZS-101 | Base plate for ZS-100. | Belimo
Brand: Belimo
SKU: ZS-101
$22.95 each
View Details ZS-100 | Weather shield - galvaneal (13" L x 8" W x 6" D). | Belimo
$101.25 each
View Details Z-NMA | Classic NM to NMB(X) retrofit bracket. | Belimo
$12.15 each
View Details Z-KSC | 3/8"-16 shaft clevis for AHK/AH. | Belimo
$30.15 each
View Details Z-KSA | 5/16" shaft clevis for LH. | Belimo
$30.15 each

More About Damper Actuators

Ventilation and air conditioning systems depend heavily on dampeners to manage airflow. As air management accessories, they stop or regulate airflow inside ducts, chimneys, and other air-handling equipment.

We offer a versatile selection of damper actuators, control inputs, and add-on options that can be tailored to your HVAC requirements. The damper actuators we supply all have spring or non-spring returns. Some even include an electronic fail-safe to reduce the risk of a malfunction.

Reasons to Use Belimo Damper Actuators

  • Comprehensive product range: Belimo offers damper actuators for all indoor, outdoor, and adverse environments. With a broad torque range (2 Nm to 40 Nm), they are optimized for damper sizes up to 8 m2. This brand offers everything you need to fit your application.
  • Safe and energy-efficient: Belimo actuators are energy-efficient and safe. They have developed a patented motor control system that detects dynamic holding forces. This ensures only as much current as necessary is used to keep the dampers in the desired position.
  • Universal installation: Belimo delivers its actuators preassembled and ready to install on-site. Whether round or square, the universal shaft clamp can permanently mount shafts of any diameter. Connecting a form-fit actuator to a square post takes even less time.

What Are Fire and Smoke Dampers? 

A fire or smoke damper aids in containing smoke, toxic gases, and fire from spreading throughout the building, thereby protecting people, property, and assets. 

The primary purpose of smoke dampers is to control smoke movement in dynamic air distribution systems and reduce smoke transfer through ductwork and wall openings.

At Midwest Supply, we stock fire and smoke dampers with voltage specifications ranging from 24-240V and torque capabilities between 70 - 133 in-lb.

Customize your damper actuator with your desired features, including labeling, cable length, connector types, and housing. Please get in touch with customer service if you have any additional product requirements or would like to place a large order.

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