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Want to maintain peace of mind knowing your heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems are working efficiently? Choose BAPI or Belimo Sensors from Midwest Supply.
View Details ZPS-ACC15 | Pressure Surge Damper | BAPI
ZPS-ACC15 | Pressure Surge Damper | BAPI
Brand: BAPI
$3.78 each
View Details ZPS-ACC10-V | Outside Pressure Pickup Port - Vertical Mount | BAPI
$21.26 each
View Details ZPS-ACC01 | Room Pressure Pickup Ports - Wall Plate | BAPI
$8.51 each
View Details 22WP-537 | Water Pressure Sensor 100psi A | Belimo
$192.60 each
View Details 22WP-536 | Water Pressure Sensor 100psi A | Belimo
$192.60 each
View Details 22WP-534 | Water Pressure Sensor 50psi A | Belimo
$192.60 each
View Details 22WP-531 | Water Pressure Sensor 15psi A | Belimo
$192.60 each
View Details 22WP-517 | Water Pressure Sensor 200psi V | Belimo
$192.60 each
View Details Belimo 22WP-516 Water Pressure Sensor 100psi V Pack of 1 | Midwest Supply
$192.60 each
View Details 22WP-514 | Water Pressure Sensor 50psi V | Belimo
$192.60 each
View Details 22WP-511 | Water Pressure Sensor 15psi V | Belimo
$192.60 each
View Details 22WDP-535 | Water Diff Pressure Sensor 100psi A | Belimo
$481.95 each
View Details 22WDP-534 | Water Diff Pressure Sensor 50psi A | Belimo
$481.95 each
View Details 22WDP-532 | Water Diff Pressure Sensor 30psi A | Belimo
$481.95 each

Airflow is one of the main focuses of an HVAC system. Pressure sensors provide air flow data that helps reduce energy consumption. They are widely used in boilers, heat recovery, coolers, burner control systems, and variable air volume systems.  

For HVAC systems, pressure sensors must be rugged and withstand harsh environments yet retain their reliability with little drift or variation in accuracy. They are exposed to extreme heat, cold, dust, and vibration throughout their working life. 

That's why we partner with the best manufacturers - Belimo and BAPI. Their state-of-the-art sensors can measure very low to high pressures in an air, water, and refrigerants. Both brands also offer precise measurements of pressure, differential pressure, and volumetric flow with high accuracy for reliable monitoring.

How Do Pressure Sensors Work?

Pressure sensors measure the change in applied pressure within a contained volume of liquid or gas by detecting, monitoring, and reading air pressure fluctuations. They can also be used with uncontained volumes, such as atmospheric pressure. 

Midwest Supply provides the following pressure sensors, as well as accessories: 

  • Room Sensors
  • Gas Sensors
  • Strap Sensors
  • Bullet Sensors

More About Differential Configuration

Differential pressure sensors measure the pressure difference between two points in a system. Typically, this difference measures the flow of liquids or gases in pipes or ducts. Alternatively, it can be used to detect seized valves or blockages. 

For example, a higher pressure before and after a valve (in the direction of flow) implies something is impeding the progress of the media.

More About Gauge Configuration 

Gauge pressure sensors provide a pressure measured relative to the local atmospheric pressure. It is similar to using a multimeter's DC measurement range, where the display shows the voltage at the positive probe compared to the negative probe.

Choosing the suitable pressure sensor for an application depends on the purpose of the measurement. Don't stress, Midwest Supply can walk you through your options!

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