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Discover our Belimo bullet sensor supply, with 10K Type II, 10K Type III, 20K, PT100, and PT1000 elements for your needs. With bestsellers like 01CT-5QH, 01CT-5MH, and 01CT-5LH to choose from - you will surely find what you need for your building automation systems!
View Details ACI A/20K-BP 20K ohm | Bullet Probe Temperature Sensor  | Midwest Supply Us
$9.43 each
View Details Belimo 01CT-5QH Cable Temp Sensor NTC20k 50x6 2m  | Midwest Supply Us
$17.10 each
View Details Belimo 01CT-5MH Cable Temp Sensor NTC10kP 50x6 2m  | Midwest Supply Us
$17.10 each
View Details Belimo 01CT-5LH Cable Temp Sensor NTC10k 50x6 2m  | Midwest Supply Us
$17.10 each
View Details Belimo 01CT-5EH Cable Temp Sensor Ni891 50x6 2m  | Midwest Supply Us
$22.50 each
View Details Belimo 01CT-5BH Cable Temp Sensor PT1000 50x6 2m  | Midwest Supply Us
$22.50 each
View Details Belimo 01CT-5AH Cable Temp Sensor PT100 50x6 2m  | Midwest Supply Us
$22.50 each

Bullet RTD sensors are devices used to measure and monitor the temperature of a particular environment. These devices take readings of the current temperature, which can then be stored and used to analyze data over time.

Bullet temperature sensors are often used in industrial settings to ensure that temperatures remain within safe limits for workers and equipment. For example, these sensors can be used to monitor the heat produced by machines or other equipment, as well as maintain a comfortable environment for employees. Additionally, bullet temperature sensors are suitable for medical environments such as hospitals or laboratories.

What Are the Benefits of Bullet Temperature Sensors?

The main benefit of a bullet temperature sensor is its accuracy and reliability. Since these devices use a precise system for measuring temperature, they provide accurate readings that can be trusted when making decisions about workers’ safety or equipment performance. Furthermore, bullet temperature sensors allow data to be monitored over time so any changes in the environment can quickly be identified and addressed if necessary. Finally, these devices are relatively cost-effective compared to other types of sensing solutions.

At Midwest Supply Store, we carry a variety of different types of bullet temperature sensor product lines to meet your needs. Whether you need a 10K Type II sensor or a PT1000 RTD sensor, we've got you covered. Place your order today and let us change your building control for the better!

What Are Our Best-Selling Bullet Temperature Sensors?

Our best-selling bullet RTD temperature sensor models are the 01CT-5QH, 01CT-5MH, and 01CT-5LH models. With various sensing element options, these sensors by Belimo are 2 meters in length, extremely energy-efficient operation, and ideal for both residential and commercial applications. These sensors are designed to be highly accurate and easy to install, making them a great add to a variety of applications.

Shop for Belimo Sensors at Midwest Supply Store

If you're looking for a high-quality bullet temperature sensor, shop at Midwest Supply Store. We carry a wide selection of different types of sensors to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for gas, temperature, humidity, or any other kind of sensor - we got all the required parts to create an ultimate building automation & control system. Place your order today, and feel free to reach out to us if you need additional information!

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