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Midwest Supply offers affordable HVAC contactors with free shipping from $999. As a trusted source for commercial and industrial controls, we sell single, double, and three-pole contactors to suit any application. Our competitive prices and superior customer service make us the go-to supplier for contractors and facilities managers across the country.
View Details York S1-5882873 Contactor 3 Pole 40 Amp 24 Volt  | Midwest Supply Us
$69.81 each
View Details York S1-02434532000 Circuit Breaker 1 Pole 3.2 Amp/250 Volt  | Midwest Supply Us
$19.22 each
View Details York S1-5882875 Contactor Electrical 3 Pole 60 Amps 24 Volts  | Midwest Supply Us
$161.19 each
View Details York S1-5882874 Contactor Electrical 3 Pole 50 Amp 24 Volt  | Midwest Supply Us
$154.52 each
View Details York S1-02426051000 Contactor 3 Pole 6 Amp 24 Volt Normally Open  | Midwest Supply Us
$90.35 each
View Details York S1-02425964000 Contactor with Shunt 1 Pole 20 Amp 24 Volt  | Midwest Supply Us
$49.41 each
View Details York S1-02425836700 Contactor Electrical 1 Pole 30 Amp 120 Volt Panel  | Midwest Supply Us
$46.98 each

What is an HVAC contactor? An HVAC contactor is a switch used in HVAC systems such as air conditioners and heat pumps. It acts as an on/off switch to control power to the compressor and fan motors.

The main purposes of an HVAC contactor are:

  1. To start and stop the HVAC system. By opening or closing the contactor switch, it can power on or cut off power to the HVAC components like compressors and fans.
  2. To protect the HVAC components. The contactor acts as an overload protection device. If the current draw becomes too high, it will cut off power to prevent damage to the components.
  3. To reverse the direction of the current flow. In heat pumps, the contactor is used to reverse the flow of current through the compressor to switch between heating and cooling modes. 

So, in summary, the HVAC contactor acts as a switch and overload protection device to control power to the heating and cooling components in the system according to the thermostat's commands.

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