ZS-300-5 | NEMA 4X | 316L stainless steel enclosure. | Belimo
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ZS-300-5 | NEMA 4X | 316L stainless steel enclosure. | Belimo

Belimo | ZS-300-5
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NEMA 4X | 316L stainless steel enclosure.

NEMA 4X | 316L stainless steel enclosure


The ZS-300-5 is a durable stainless steel enclosure for valve actuators. The enclosure has a NEMA 4X housing, making it a sufficient solution for protection in outdoor applications. It can protect Belimo’s valve actuators, including AFB, AF, NFB, LF, GM, and AM series actuators.

The ZS-300-5 is made from a type 304 stainless steel. All components have stainless steel housing (including door, shaft, coupling, mounting plate, and other hardware). The product protects against corrosion, dust, rain, snow, splashes, ice, steam, salt, and other types of pollutants. This enclosure can help you keep your application sanitary clean and prolong their service life.

The design of the enclosure ensures easy mounting to the supported Belimo’s actuator lineups. Actuators have to be fastened on the operating shaft and tightly secured using an anti-rotation strap. The bi-rotational hydrodynamic shaft seal is a 6061 aluminum hub with black anodize plating and bronze oilite bearings.


The ZS-300 (-5) protects Belimo’s valve actuators. The NEMA 4 enclosure rating ensures that ZS-300 is viable for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can use it to mount valve actuators for protection against moisture, corrosion, rusting, chemicals, dust, salt, rain, snow, ice, and other potentially harmful fluids.

The enclosure supports actuators from the following Belimo model series:

  • AMB
  • AFB
  • AF
  • NFB
  • LF
  • GM
  • AM


The ZS-300 is designed for easy mounting with Belimo’s valve actuators (series listed above). Here’s what you need to install the actuator inside the enclosure:

  • Insert the operating shaft and coupling to the enclosure’s backside using the bi-rotational hydrodynamic rotating shaft seal. Use an anti-rotation strap to fasten the actuator to both ends of the operating shaft.
  • Fix mounting holes at the top and bottom of the enclosure using adjustable mounting brackets.
  • Secure the direct drive coupling with two square head set screws.
  • Adjust the mounting brackets to secure them tightly in place.

You can learn more about the installation process from the product’s instruction manual.


Item Number ZS-300-5
Brand Belimo
Collection Belimo AF Series
Collection Belimo LF Series
Collection Belimo NF Series
Collection Damper Actuator Accessories


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