F6150-150SHP+PRBUP-3-T | Butterfly Valve | 6
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F6150-150SHP+PRBUP-3-T | Butterfly Valve | 6" | 2 Way | 1103 Cv | w/ Non-Spring | 24 -240V | On/Off | Belimo

Belimo | F6150-150SHP+PRBUP-3-T
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Butterfly Valve | 6" | 2 Way | 1103 Cv | w/ Non-Spring | 24 -240V | On/Off


The F6150-150SHP belongs to Belimo F6 (two-way flow pattern) and F7 (three-way flow pattern) series butterfly actuators. These actuators suits most commercial and industrial HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems for isolation (cooling tower and chill), extensive air handler coil control and bypass, and different types of water distribution.

HDU (undercut disc assemblies) has a maximum of 50 PSID (pounds per square inch differential) close-off rating, while HD (full-cut models) has a 200 PSID close-off. Economical Belimo rotary actuators are also available in small valve sizes. All F6 and F7 series actuators have industrial-level stainless steel construction with NEMA 4 enclosures. Customers can order additional assembly combinations, sizes, materials, and connection types.


  • Accurate control. Five bushing designs of the internal valve isolates the body from the shaft, resulting in precise flow control.
  • Tight shutoff. The advanced disc and seat design maintain a low seating torque during flow control operations.
  • Excellent protection. NEMA 4 rated enclosures make this actuator protected against moisture, wind, and corrosion.
  • Durable construction. The control valve is made of stainless steel for maximal durability, strength, and minimal maintenance.



F6150-150SHP valves suit most industrial and commercial HVAC systems that require bubble-tight liquids shutoff. Some of its applications include cooling tower & chiller isolation, large air handle control, change-over systems, process control and bypass. The valve provides excellent control for large flow applications due to larger Cv values.
Be sure to store the valve in an area protected from the weather before installation. You can read the instructions for additional information.


PRBUP-3-T and other valve actuators from the PR series have an integrated linkage and easily understandable visual position indicators. The actuator must be mounted directly under the valve for indoor applications. For outdoor applications, make sure to install it at or above horizontal.



The PRBUP-3-T actuator provides visual indicators for adjusting the valve position with 90 degrees of rotation. The device is powered by an energy-efficient brushless DC motor, with a power supply suitable for supply voltage ranging from 24 to 240 VAC and 24 to 125 VDC. The actuator has electronic protection against overload and two auxiliary switches (the first one being 10 degrees and the second one being adjustable) with a running time from 30 to 120 seconds. You can adjust the running time via an NFC using a smartphone app. The PRBUP-3-T has a NEMA 4 enclosure and a smart heater with a thermostat to prevent condensation and corrosion.


Valve specifications
Angle of Rotation
ANSI Class
Controllable Flow Range
Quarter turn mechanically limited
End Connection
Lug types
End Fitting
Chilled or hot water up to 60% glycol steam
Pressure Independent
Valve Size
6" [150]
Actuator specifications
Actuator Type
Non fail-safe
Auxiliary Switches
2 x SPDT
Control Type
Degree of Protection
IP66/67 NEMA 4X UL Enclosure Type 4X
Electrical Connection
Manual Override
7 mm hex crank supplied
Power Consumption (Holding)
6 W
Power Consumption (Running)
20 W
Running Time (Motor)
35 s / 90B0
Voltage AC/DC
AC 24...240 V / DC 24...125 V


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