CMB243.1 | Damper Actuator | 18 in-lb | Non-Spg Rtn | 24V | On/Off/Floating Point | 20 Pack | Belimo
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CMB243.1 | Damper Actuator | 18 in-lb | Non-Spg Rtn | 24V | On/Off/Floating Point | 20 Pack | Belimo

Belimo | CMB243.1
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Damper Actuator | 18 in-lb | Non-Spg Rtn | 24V | On/Off/Floating Point | 20 Pack


CMB24-3.1 is Belimo’s direct couple actuator designed to operate a damper and regulate the airflow in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and Building Automation systems. This damper actuator uses a brushless DC motor and requires a 24 VAC or VDC power supply. It has a NEMA 2 enclosure type and 35 seconds of running time.


The Belimo actuator is used to control air dampers in HVAC and BAS (building automation systems). The CMB24 offers:

  • Thirty-five seconds of running time (at 90 degrees rotation)
  • Minimall 18 inch-pounds for dumper surfaces up to 4.5 square feet
  • 24 V (AC/DC) of nominal voltage
  • Open-close or three-point floating control in HVAC systems
  • A non-spring-return actuator that retains it positing after a power loss


  • The Belimo’s CMB24 damper actuator has 35 seconds of running time at 90 degrees rotation, with an ability to adjust the rotation angle with mechanical end stops (no additional tools required).
  • Features a fail-safe mechanism to protect the damper actuator from overloads.
  • Works on a brushless DC motor with an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) to control the rotation sensing function.
  • Requires a steady supply of 24 V (AC/DC) of nominal voltage to power the device.
  • Power consumption is reduced in holding mode to prevent potential damage to the actuator.
  • Energy-efficient power consumption prolongs the device’s service life and allows spending less money on repairs and maintenance.
  • Has a manual override option and allows manual operations with a magnet.
  • The actuator will keep its position in case of power outages due to a non-spring-return mechanism.
  • Simple direct mounting and a universal spindle clamp allow for fast mounting and tight fit.


Item Number CMB243.1
Brand Belimo


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