B320-490-400+LRX24-MFT | CCV | 0.75
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Brand: BelimoSKU: B320-490-400+LRX24-MFT
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B320-490-400+LRX24-MFT | CCV | 0.75" | 6 Way | 4.90 | 4.00 Cv | w/ Non-Spring | 24V | 2-10V | Belimo

Belimo | B320-490-400+LRX24-MFT
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Details for B320-490-400+LRX24-MFT

CCV | 0.75" | 6 Way | 4.90 | 4.00 Cv | w/ Non-Spring | 24V | 2-10V


The 6-way characterized control valve is ideal for chilled beams, radiant ceilings, and Fan Coil Units offering reduced wiring by using a single actuator instead of two. It eliminates the need for a change over valve and enables the use of a single coil for heating and cooling.


A loop pressure relief is designed into port number two (2). This allows the increased pressure to dissipate to the supply loop on port number one (1). This is intended to release any pressure build up in the loop (coil) when the valve is in the closed position and is isolated from the system expansion vessel. The change in pressure occurs due to a change in the media temperature in the coil while isolated from the pressure vessel. The pressure relief does not affect the effi ciency of the system because cross-fl ow cannot occur between the heating and cooling loops. The system loops (heating/cooling) should share a common expansion vessel to keep the system pressure and volume balanced.


Valve specifications
Angle of Rotation
Controllable Flow Range
Sequence 1 (angle 0...30B0) dead zone (30...60B0) sequence 2 (angle 60...90B0)
End Fitting
Internal thread
Chilled or hot water up to 60% glycol
Pressure Independent
Chrome plated brass
Valve Size
0.75" [20]
Actuator specifications
Actuator Type
Non fail-safe
Control Type
Degree of Protection
IP54 NEMA 2 UL Enclosure Type 2
Electrical Connection
Manual Override
External push button
Power Consumption (Holding)
1.2 W
Power Consumption (Running)
2.5 W
Running Time (Motor)
150 s / 90B0
Voltage AC/DC
AC/DC 24 V


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