B239VS+PRBUP-3-T | Ball Valve | 1.5
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B239VS+PRBUP-3-T | Ball Valve | 1.5" | 2 Way | 84 Cv | w/ Non-Spring | 24 -240V | On/Off | Belimo

Belimo | B239VS+PRBUP-3-T
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Details for B239VS+PRBUP-3-T

Ball Valve | 1.5" | 2 Way | 84 Cv | w/ Non-Spring | 24 -240V | On/Off


Ball Valve | 1.5" | 2 Way | 84 Cv | w/ Non-Spring | 24 -240V | On/Off


Belimo’s B239VS is a two-way ball valve designed for controlling and diverting the flow in various types of commercial and industrial applications. The assembly features a PRBUP-3-T valve actuator that powers the device with energy-efficient brushless DC motors.

Mode of Operation

The B239VS ball valve works from the PRBUP-3-T actuator that responds to a three-point control system, a modulating power source (from 4 to 20 VDC), or standard voltage control. The assembly has a quarter-turn rotational motion valve, which can start, stop, and regulate high-pressure and high-temperature steam and water applications.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Two-way flow ball valves work for regulating and diverting high-temperature fluids
  • Quick operations for low-pressure isolation
  • Tight shutoff and complete closing/opening of the valve
  • Modified linear (B3) and equal percentage flow (B2)
  • DC motor works from a universal power supply
  • An electronic overload protection mechanism in the actuator
  • Adjustable running time (from an NFC-supported smartphone and a Belimo app)


Item Number B239VS+PRBUP-3-T
Brand Belimo
Control Input On/Off
Control Valves Type Ball Valve
Cv / GPM 84 Cv
Spring Return Non-Spring Return
Valve Size 1.5" - 2 Way
Voltage 24-240V

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