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Our BAPI HVAC\R sensors selection offers a comprehensive range of high-quality control supplies for all your needs. With over 2600 products, including bestsellers like BA/10K-2-H210-D-BBX, BA/116W, and BA/10K-2-LPW-25, you can find the perfect sensor for averaging, CO2, ducts, immersion outside pressure, humidity, or differential pressure. Shop now to discover our selection of reliable and accurate sensors by America's trusted manufacturer!
View Details BA/BS4MBF-C-H2-F1-J | Modbus BAPI-Stat 4MB Temperature and Humidity Sensor | BAPI
$132.30 each
View Details BA/BB | BAPI-Box Enclosure | BAPI
BA/BB | BAPI-Box Enclosure | BAPI
Brand: BAPI
$9.45 each
View Details ZPS-ACC15 | Pressure Surge Damper | BAPI
ZPS-ACC15 | Pressure Surge Damper | BAPI
Brand: BAPI
$3.78 each
View Details BA/T1K[-7 TO 49C]-D-4"-BBX | Duct Temperature Transmitter | BAPI
BA/T1K[-7 TO 49C]-D-4"-BBX | Duct Temperature Transmitter | BAPI
Brand: BAPI
SKU: BA/T1K[-7 TO 49C]-D-4"-BBX
$62.37 each
View Details BA/1K-A-24' | Duct Averaging Temperature Sensor, Flexible | BAPI
$145.80 each
View Details BA/10K-2-LPW-25 | Button Sensor - Low Profile Room Temperature Sensor | BAPI
$16.54 each


Building Automation Products, Inc. (BAPI) is an industry-leading American sensor manufacturer for HVAC/R that has set a standard for accuracy and reliability in the field. Its headquarters are located in Gays Mills, Wisconsin, USA and it has two additional locations in Aldershot, Hampshire, United Kingdom, and Munster, Germany, that provide sales and distribution support for Europe. Its products are tested at multiple stages, with precision instruments traceable to NIST standards and computer-aided production stations.

BAPI is also CE-certified and RoHS-compliant, providing customers with quality, accuracy, and reliability while adhering to environment-friendly manufacturing practices. Moreover, all their products come with a 100% Compatibility Guarantee, wherein they also pay for labor if the product fails to meet their specified requirements. BAPI continues to be a top choice in the HVAC/R industry by providing superior sensors and exceptional customer service.


Outside, room, and duct temperature sensors are essential for any building automation system. Temperature sensors can detect and control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to maintain the desired temperature levels throughout a building or facility.

Midwest Supply store offers a wide range of BAPI's temperature sensors, fitting for commercial and residential building automation systems. They come in numerous varieties such as air-intake sensors, duct temperature sensors, wall-mount sensors, ceiling-mount temperature sensors, and other specialty types of BAPI sensor products.


Relative humidity sensors are widely used in industrial and commercial applications. The humidity sensor measures the amount of water vapor in the air, which can help control temperature and reduce energy consumption. In addition, they are used to monitor areas such as clean rooms, libraries, computer rooms, warehouses, and even offices.

Midwest Supply's stock has plenty of BAPI humidity sensor lines for your application needs. The BAPI-Stat series of humidity sensors are built to measure the amount of moisture in the air. This can include relative humidity (RH), dew point, absolute humidity, and enthalpy.


Pressure sensors are one of the most common building automation products on the market. They come in many sizes and shapes, all built to measure pressure accurately in a variety of applications. Pressure sensors monitor a system's temperature, flow, or pressure. When these sensors detect changes in pressure levels, they can activate alarms or other systems to alert operators to take action.

Midwest supply offers a range of BAPI pressure sensor product lines to meet the needs of almost any application. We offer product options with single, dual, or multiple sensors in various ranges to suit your specific needs. Our BAPI pressure sensors are designed to be highly reliable and durable so they can stand up to harsh environments and keep working for long periods of time.


Whether you're looking for duct temperature, differential pressure, humidity, room temperature, or any other kind of sensor from the BAPI manufacturer, the Midwest Supply store has you covered. We have a large selection of specialty and custom building automation products in stock.

Midwest Supply also offers competitive prices on all our BAPI products. So, if you're looking for the best quality sensor for your home or office, Midwest Supply is the perfect place to find it. Browse our catalog and place your order today!

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