WHL2347 | Fan Wheel, CW, 32.66
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Brand: TraneSKU: WHL2347
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WHL2347 | Fan Wheel, CW, 32.66" x 5" | Trane

Trane | WHL2347
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Details for WHL2347

**Trane Fan Wheel WHL2347** This Trane Fan Wheel (SKU: WHL2347) is a precision-engineered component designed for demanding industrial and commercial applications. Its clockwise rotation and dimensions of 32.66" x 5" make it ideal for specific HVAC systems requiring efficient airflow management. The wheel's robust construction ensures durability and reliability, even in harsh operating conditions. This fan wheel is a vital component in maintaining optimal performance of ventilation systems, ensuring adequate airflow for cooling, heating, and air filtration. Its precise design and balanced assembly minimize vibration and noise levels, contributing to a quieter and more efficient operation. Trust our HVAC supply store for the best prices and fast shipping on all your industrial products.


Item Number WHL2347
Brand Trane


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