VCM8001V5045 | CO2 SensorForSE8000Control | Schneider Electric (Viconics)
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Brand: Schneider Electric (Viconics)SKU: VCM8001V5045
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VCM8001V5045 | CO2 SensorForSE8000Control | Schneider Electric (Viconics)

Schneider Electric (Viconics) | VCM8001V5045
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Details for VCM8001V5045

**VCM8001V5045 CO2 Sensor** The VCM8001V5045 CO2 Sensor from Schneider Electric (Viconics) is a high-performance sensor designed to monitor carbon dioxide levels in industrial and commercial environments. It features advanced sensing technology that delivers accurate and reliable measurements, ensuring optimal indoor air quality. The sensor is engineered with a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology that provides accurate CO2 detection over a wide range of concentrations. Its compact design and easy-to-mount capabilities make it suitable for various applications, including HVAC systems, healthcare facilities, and industrial settings. The VCM8001V5045 sensor provides real-time CO2 monitoring, enabling users to maintain appropriate ventilation and control air quality. Its fast response time and wide detection range (0-2000 ppm) ensure efficient monitoring and timely alerts in case of elevated CO2 levels. By monitoring CO2 levels, organizations can create a comfortable and healthy environment for occupants, increase productivity, and comply with applicable regulations. Shop our HVAC supply store for the best prices and fast shipping on the VCM8001V5045 CO2 Sensor!


Item Number VCM8001V5045
Brand Schneider Electric (Viconics)


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