THT1735 | THERMOSTAT | Trane
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Brand: TraneSKU: THT1735
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THT1735 | THERMOSTAT | Trane

Trane | THT1735
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Details for THT1735

Trane THT1735 Programmable Thermostat: Control Your HVAC System with Precision The Trane THT1735 Programmable Thermostat is an advanced HVAC control solution designed to optimize comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience in industrial and commercial buildings. Here's a technical overview: Features: * **Programmable Setbacks:** Automate temperature adjustments based on schedules, reducing energy consumption during unoccupied hours. * **Multi-Stage Control:** Compatible with multi-stage HVAC systems, allowing for precise temperature control and improved efficiency. * **Large Backlit Display:** Provides clear and easy-to-read temperature and status information. * **Lockout Feature:** Prevents unauthorized access and tampering, maintaining optimal settings. Benefits: * **Energy Savings:** Programmable setbacks and multi-stage control minimize HVAC runtime, resulting in substantial energy savings. * **Enhanced Comfort:** Maintains precise temperatures at all times, ensuring optimal comfort for occupants. * **Easy Operation:** User-friendly interface and programmable functions simplify operation for maintenance professionals. * **Increased Equipment Longevity:** Optimal temperature control reduces wear and tear on HVAC equipment, extending its lifespan. Applications: The Trane THT1735 Programmable Thermostat is ideal for various industrial settings, including: * Manufacturing facilities * Warehouses * Commercial buildings * Hospitals Invest in the Trane THT1735 Programmable Thermostat and experience the benefits of precision HVAC control, energy efficiency, and enhanced comfort. Order now from our HVAC supply store, where we offer competitive prices and fast shipping!


Item Number THT1735
Brand Trane


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