L7248L1105/B | HI LIMIT AQUASTAT | Resideo
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Brand: ResideoSKU: L7248L1105/B
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L7248L1105/B | HI LIMIT AQUASTAT | Resideo

Resideo | L7248L1105/B
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**HI LIMIT AQUASTAT L7248L1105/B by Resideo** The L7248L1105/B HI LIMIT AQUASTAT by Resideo is a crucial component for controlling water temperature in hydronic heating systems. It acts as a safety device to prevent overheating and potential damage to the system. **Key Features:** * Monitors and limits water temperature within a specified range * Protects against excessive temperatures that can cause system failure * Automatic reset mechanism ensures reliable operation * Compact design for easy installation and maintenance * Compatible with various hydronic heating systems **Applications:** * Industrial and commercial buildings * Hospitals and healthcare facilities * Educational institutions * Residential and multi-family homes **Technical Specifications:** * Temperature Range: 180-210°F (82-99°C) * Differential: 15°F (8°C) * Electrical Rating: 15 Amps / 125-250 VAC * Material: Brass **Benefits:** * Ensures safe and efficient operation of hydronic systems * Protects expensive equipment from overheating damage * Extends the lifespan of heating systems * Meets industry safety standards Order your L7248L1105/B HI LIMIT AQUASTAT today from our HVAC supply store for the best prices and fast shipping!


Item Number L7248L1105/B
Brand Resideo


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