JB57A215A | Tri-point # switch N.O. | ASCO
Brand: ASCOSKU: JB57A215A
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JB57A215A | Tri-point # switch N.O. | ASCO

ASCO | JB57A215A
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Tri-Point Limit Switch #JB57A215A by ASCO: Enhanced Precision, Durability, and ReliabilityThe ASCO Tri-Point Limit Switch #JB57A215A is a premium-quality electromechanical switch designed to provide precise and reliable operation in various industrial applications. Its tri-point contact mechanism ensures consistent switching action, while its robust construction guarantees long-lasting performance in demanding environments. Key Features: **Tri-Point Contact Mechanism:** Provides high contact pressure and stability, ensuring reliable electrical connection and extended switch life. **Rugged Construction:** Enclosed in a durable, watertight housing, this switch can withstand harsh industrial conditions, including dust, moisture, and vibration. **Sealed Housing:** IP67-rated protection against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. **Versatile Mounting:** Optional mounting brackets provide flexibility in mounting the switch in various orientations to suit specific application requirements. **Wide Temperature Range:** Operates reliably in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C, ensuring optimal performance in extreme environments. Applications: The ASCO Tri-Point Limit Switch #JB57A215A is ideal for use in a wide range of industrial automation and control systems, including: **Conveyor Systems:** Detects the presence or absence of objects on conveyor belts, ensuring smooth and efficient material handling. **Machine Control:** Monitors the position and movement of machinery, providing precise control and safety interlocks. **Packaging Machinery:** Triggers automated packaging processes, ensuring accurate filling and sealing operations. **Automotive Industry:** Controls various functions in automotive assembly lines, such as part detection, positioning, and safety mechanisms. Trust Midwest Supply for Top-Notch Industrial Products: At Midwest Supply, we offer the best prices and fast shipping on a wide range of industrial products. Choose us for your industrial supply needs, and experience the difference in quality, reliability, and customer service. Order your ASCO Tri-Point Limit Switch #JB57A215A today and enhance the efficiency and safety of your industrial operations!


Item Number JB57A215A
Brand ASCO


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