FLR8070 | MistElmntrFltr 1
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Brand: TraneSKU: FLR8070
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FLR8070 | MistElmntrFltr 1"x15.9"x10.50" | Trane

Trane | FLR8070
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Details for FLR8070

**Trane MistElmntrFltr Air Filter: FLR8070** The Trane MistElmntrFltr FLR8070 is a high-performance air filter designed for demanding industrial and commercial applications. Its unique design and superior filtration capabilities make it an ideal choice for protecting sensitive equipment and improving indoor air quality. **Features:** * Pleated media design for maximum surface area and extended filter life * High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration for capturing airborne contaminants, such as dust, pollen, and bacteria * Low-resistance construction for optimal airflow and energy efficiency * Durable construction with a sturdy frame and robust pleats * Dimensions: 1" x 15.9" x 10.50" **Benefits:** * Protects equipment from damage caused by airborne particles * Improves indoor air quality by removing contaminants * Reduces energy consumption with its low resistance * Extends equipment life by minimizing wear and tear * Easy to install and maintain **Applications:** The Trane MistElmntrFltr FLR8070 is ideal for use in: * Factories and manufacturing plants * Hospitals and healthcare facilities * Commercial buildings and offices * Laboratories and research facilities Our HVAC supply store is proud to offer the Trane MistElmntrFltr FLR8070 at the best prices. Order now and experience the benefits of superior air filtration for your industrial or commercial applications!


Item Number FLR8070
Brand Trane


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