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EFX8210G100-17673 | 2" 5-220# AIR 2WayPullSolenoid | ASCO

ASCO | EFX8210G100-17673
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ASCO EFX8210G100-17673 Solenoid Valve: Designed for Industrial ApplicationsThe ASCO EFX8210G100-17673 Solenoid Valve is a high-performance, two-way pull solenoid valve engineered for industrial air control systems. With a 2-inch port size and a pressure range of 5 to 220 PSI, it is ideal for demanding applications requiring precise and reliable flow control.Key Features and Benefits: Durable Construction: The valve body is made of rugged brass, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance for long-lasting performance in harsh industrial environments. Fast Response Time: The EFX8210G100-17673 solenoid valve boasts a fast response time, ensuring quick and efficient actuation, critical for precise flow control in automated systems. Low Power Consumption: The solenoid coil is designed for low power consumption, reducing energy usage and operating costs. Versatile Mounting: The valve features multiple mounting options, allowing for flexible installation in various orientations to suit specific application needs. Wide Pressure Range: The valve's pressure range of 5 to 220 PSI makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, from low-pressure pneumatic systems to high-pressure air lines. Applications: The ASCO EFX8210G100-17673 Solenoid Valve is widely used in industrial automation, including: Pneumatic conveying systems Air compressors and air distribution networks Process control systems Manufacturing machinery Food and beverage processing plantsMidwest Supply: Your Trusted Source for Industrial Products!At Midwest Supply, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality industrial products, including the ASCO EFX8210G100-17673 Solenoid Valve. Our commitment to competitive pricing and fast shipping ensures that you receive the best value and exceptional service. Trust Midwest Supply for all your industrial supply needs.


Item Number EFX8210G100-17673
Brand ASCO


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