8320G192-208V | 1/4
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8320G192-208V | 1/4"N/O 3way235#air 250#wtroil | ASCO

ASCO | 8320G192-208V
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Details for 8320G192-208V

ASCO 8320G192-208V Solenoid Valve: Engineered Excellence for Industrial ApplicationsThe ASCO 8320G192-208V solenoid valve is a high-performance, three-way valve designed for industrial applications. Featuring a 1/4" normally open configuration, this valve is suitable for controlling the flow of air or water-based oil at pressures up to 250 psi.The ASCO 8320G192-208V solenoid valve is constructed from durable materials, ensuring reliable operation and long service life. Its brass body and stainless steel trim resist corrosion and wear, making it ideal for demanding industrial environments. The valve's 208-volt AC coil provides fast and reliable actuation, ensuring precise control of fluid flow.Key Features and Benefits:* 1/4" normally open configuration for precise flow control* Suitable for air or water-based oil media* Pressure rating up to 250 psi for demanding applications* Durable brass body and stainless steel trim for corrosion resistance* 208-volt AC coil for fast and reliable actuation* Compact design for easy installation and maintenanceApplications:* Pneumatic and hydraulic systems* Industrial automation and control* Material handling and processing* HVAC systems* Water treatment and filtrationMidwest Supply: Your Trusted Source for Industrial SuppliesMidwest Supply offers the best prices and fast shipping on the ASCO 8320G192-208V solenoid valve. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for industrial engineers and maintenance professionals. Order your ASCO solenoid valve today and experience the difference!


Item Number 8320G192-208V
Brand ASCO


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