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8221G13HW | 2" NC SLOW CLOSE HotWtr 5-150# | ASCO

ASCO | 8221G13HW
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ASCO 8221G13HW: 2" Normally Closed Slow-Closing Hot Water Solenoid ValveThis ASCO 8221G13HW solenoid valve is designed for demanding industrial applications involving hot water systems. It features a 2-inch pipe size, ensuring compatibility with larger piping systems. The normally closed (NC) valve operation means it remains closed until an electrical signal opens it.The slow-closing feature is critical for hot water systems, as it prevents water hammer and potential system damage. The solenoid valve is constructed with durable materials to withstand high temperatures and pressures associated with hot water applications. Its robust design ensures reliable performance and long service life.This ASCO solenoid valve is ideal for controlling water flow in various industrial settings, including power plants, manufacturing facilities, and HVAC systems. Its precise control and reliability make it an excellent choice for applications requiring efficient and safe hot water management. Midwest Supply offers the ASCO 8221G13HW solenoid valve at competitive prices, ensuring you get the best value for your industrial needs. Order now and experience the reliability and efficiency of ASCO solenoid valves!


Item Number 8221G13HW
Brand ASCO


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