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8210G54-24V | 1"NC 24v 0/150air,125wtr/oil | ASCO

ASCO | 8210G54-24V
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ASCO's 1"NC 24v 0/150air,125wtr/oil Solenoid Valve (SKU: 8210G54-24V) is a crucial component in industrial and commercial applications requiring precise fluid control. With its normally closed (NC) operation, this valve remains closed until energized, allowing for controlled fluid flow. Powered by a reliable 24-volt DC voltage, the ASCO solenoid valve ensures efficient performance in various settings. Its compact design and sturdy construction provide durability and versatility in demanding environments. The valve's 1-inch orifice size enables a flow rate of up to 150 cubic feet per hour, ideal for applications requiring precise fluid metering and control. Due to its inherent design, this solenoid valve prevents unwanted fluid flow during de-energized states, ensuring system safety and reliability. Its ability to handle both air and oil makes it suitable for various industrial applications, including pneumatic systems, hydraulic circuits, and fuel or lubricant dispensing systems. Trust ASCO's 1"NC 24v 0/150air,125wtr/oil Solenoid Valve for your fluid control needs. Its exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility make it an indispensable component for industrial engineers and maintenance professionals. Contact Midwest Supply today for competitive pricing and fast shipping on this and other essential industrial products!


Item Number 8210G54-24V
Brand ASCO


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