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8044A7CSA-24VDC | 3" N/C M/R 0/10# FREE HANDLE | ASCO

ASCO | 8044A7CSA-24VDC
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ASCO 8044A7CSA-24VDC: A Versatile 3" N/C Solenoid Valve for Demanding ApplicationsThe ASCO 8044A7CSA-24VDC is a high-performance 3-inch N/C (normally closed) solenoid valve, designed to regulate fluid flow in industrial systems. This valve features a rugged brass body construction, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. Its diaphragm actuator provides reliable operation and leak-tight sealing, even under challenging conditions. Key Features: - 3-inch port size for high flow capacity - Brass body for superior strength and corrosion resistance - N/C (normally closed) operation for fail-safe fluid control - Diaphragm actuator for precise flow regulation and leak-tight sealing - 24 VDC coil voltage for compatibility with various industrial power sources Benefits: - Controls fluid flow effectively in high-volume industrial applications - Withstands harsh operating environments and ensures long-term performance - Provides fail-safe operation, preventing unintended fluid release - Delivers accurate flow regulation and minimizes leakage - Easily integrates with 24 VDC power systems Applications: - Industrial process lines - Chemical plants - Power generation facilities - Pulp and paper mills - HVAC systems Midwest Supply offers the best prices and fast shipping for your ASCO solenoid valves and other industrial control solutions. Order now to enhance your system's efficiency and reliability!


Item Number 8044A7CSA-24VDC
Brand ASCO


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