27542 | PLUNGER, HP, KNURLED HEAD 5/16-18, SS | Jergens
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Brand: JergensSKU: 27542
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27542 | PLUNGER, HP, KNURLED HEAD 5/16-18, SS | Jergens

Jergens | 27542
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**Jergens Plunger 27542** The Jergens Plunger 27542 is a high-quality, stainless steel component designed for use in industrial applications. Here's a closer look at its features: **Features:** - **Knurled head:** Provides a secure grip for easy installation and removal. - **5/16-18 thread size:** Fits a wide range of compatible equipment. - **Robust construction:** Stainless steel ensures durability and longevity in demanding environments. - **High-pressure capability:** Ideal for applications requiring high force. **Benefits:** - **Reliable performance:** Precision-engineered for consistent, dependable operation. - **Enhanced safety:** Knurled head reduces the risk of accidental loosening. - **Corrosion resistance:** Stainless steel resists rust and other corrosive agents. - **Versatile applications:** Suitable for a variety of industrial machinery and equipment. **Applications:** - **Industrial automation:** Positioning and guiding components in automated systems. - **Machine tool accessories:** Clamping and holding devices on machine tools. - **Pneumatic and hydraulic systems:** As a plunger or actuator in fluid power applications. - **Maintenance and repair:** For precise alignment and adjustment in various maintenance and repair tasks. For the best deals and fast shipping on Jergens Plungers and other industrial supplies, choose Midwest Supply. We offer a comprehensive selection of products for your every need. Shop now!


Item Number 27542
Brand Jergens
SubCategory 1 Specialty Fasteners
SubCategory 2 Spring Plungers - Spring Loaded Devices
SubCategory 3 Retractable Plungers
SubCategory 4 Hand Retractable Plungers
Type Hand Retractable Plungers


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