ZS-GV-002 | Weathershield for EV/RV..and AV.. Series (cover only) | Belimo
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ZS-GV-002 | Weathershield for EV/RV..and AV.. Series (cover only) | Belimo

Belimo | ZS-GV-002
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Weathershield for EV/RV..and AV.. Series (cover only)

Weathershield for EV/RV..and AV.. Series (cover only)


The ZS-GV-002 weather shield provides moderate protection to globe actuators which are mounted outdoors. This product is not designed as a water tight enclosure. The one piece steel housing allows easy mounting over EV/RV and AVK series globe actuators. The two piece steel bottom allows for water to be shielded away.


The ZS-GV-002 weather shield is supplied as a one piece enclosure with a split bottom. Two 7/8 inch wiring holes are pre-drilled to allow easy connections of supplied conduit connectors to the housing. The bottom plates will be assembled to the actuator‘s side supports to prevent water coming up. Also supplied will be two rubberized washers to cover mounting holes after housing is installed.


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